A funny thing happened on my backpacking trip

As many of you bloggers out there understand, you write something, you post it, and not much happens. Occasionally you write something that connects with a few people, but mostly you write and your aunt is supportive (you know who you are).

Imagine my surprise when I return from a backpacking trip with my varsity scouts (where I had absolutely no cell phone service) to find that the article that I posted Sunday night before I went to bed had been viewed over 100,000 times. 100,000.

Just for perspective, my previously highest ranking article had 600 views. 600. To say I’m overwhelmed by this is an understatement. I have yet to read the comments, (which as I observed at a glance, were many) and have many more to moderate. Can you sympathize with my poor wife who has been desperately trying to moderate the comments on a blog post she didn’t write?

So let me say this. I’m tired from all that hiking, and will be going to bed shortly. I plan on reviewing the many comments (remember, I’m not used to this) and will probably take a few down. I don’t write to start a fight. This isn’t that kind of blog. I do appreciate differing opinions, and will leave those comments up if they are civil and polite. I apologize if you are frustrated that your comment hasn’t been posted yet. I hope you understand…100,000.

By the way, a much better blog post was written on this same subject. You can find it here.


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